Hello everyone,

I’ve been a World Vision Artist in past years. World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization serving the world’s poorest children and families in nearly 100 countries. For more info, visit the World Vision website.

So, Steve, what does a World Vision Artist do? Does it involve questionable uses of National Endowment of the Arts monies?

No, I arranged concerts at churches, auditoriums, schools, civic centers, libraries, homes, anywhere that a group of people will have me (world travel is welcome!). I talk, play music from around the world on guitar and Chapman Stick, and show a little video about how you can make a big difference in this troubled world by sponsoring a child through World Vision.

The concerts lasted about 1 hour, and are free. Yes, you read that correctly, I charged nothing for my exquisite presence. Just think of all the incredible performers you’ve seen before, the stage pyro-technics, the dancers, the Vegas-like atmosphere, the comedy, the lights, the lasers, the giant inflatable pigs…

Well, that’s not what I do, but at least you heard great music, brilliant comedy, and got the chance to do something beautiful and positive for your brothers and sisters around the world. That’s a lot of entertainment for zero Spondulis!

I’m very proud of being able to have made a difference in other people’s lives, especially in these times. I wanted you to have the chance to change lives like I am so privileged to do. Please call (812) 219-2542 or email Steve
for more information.

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