Here are just some of the tunes I have composed and recorded for Taxi in 2015.

Sorting Clues – a CSI type instrumental

Watching – creepy suspense instrumental

Rockin’ to the goal – a hard rocking sports instrumental

Sunshine pouring – a happy uke song

Spellbound – dreamy introspective tune, time ticking by…

Waking clouds – a dreamy introspective tune, with some drive to it

Scary mando – a spooky, scary tune with mandolin

Cuando tengo sed…  – a children’s  song in Spanish about what you do when you’re thirsty, hungry, tired…  ahhhhhhhh!


This last group are all acoustic guitar, some solo, some not.

Blues for JP – a solo jazz guitar tune in the style of one of my guitar heroes, Joe Pass

Lullaby – a very soothing slow tempo 2 guitar lullaby

Melancolica – as the name suggests, a very melancholy solo guitar piece

Blue Gale – introspective,  but hopeful solo guitar